ICT Management

Are you wasting valuable time on ICT Management? You won't have to. We will gladly take ICT Management off your hands so you can focus on your business’s main tasks. Stop racking your brains on minor tasks and contact us.


Does your business work with specialists or generalists? If you have a large business you will probably have a restricted number of specialists at your disposal. Correct? Specialists have a broad knowledge in one or a few fields and this makes them expensive. Therefore big firms economize on the number of specialists they employ.

Or do you have a small firm working only with generalists? That’s understandable, for generalists are usually cheaper. The drawback is they have little or less knowledge on specific subjects.

Regardless of your business’s size, we would love to share our expertise with you.


When specific tasks are carried out sporadically, a good solution may be found in outsourcing these tasks with outside parties. With almost 10 years of experience in ICT, we can take work off businesses’ hands, temporarily. Therefore we are able to carry out temporary tasks rapidly and effectively, and are often cheaper than regular outsourcing firms.

Linux Server

What many businesses do not realize is that most web servers, mail servers and other servers run on Linux. In fact, most of the Internet runs on Linux servers. However, most businesses have little knowledge of Linux. We do, and we will gladly manage your Linux server for you. Rates start at € 35,- per month, per server. The more servers we manage for you, the cheaper it becomes.

Cloud Installation

Would you like to benefit from the flexibility of your very own Cloud, but are you dreading the installation? We can help you with your own cloud setup, installation and maintenance, according to your specific requirements. In addition, we can train you to find your way in both private and public Cloud environments, such as: OpenStack, Rackspace, Amazon AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Security Scans

The last thing you want is your data or your clients’ data being available publicly. The same goes for us, and we can make sure your data remains safely indoors. Because of our security scans you can count on your server being perfectly safe. We can carry out these scans periodically or on a one-time basis.


Installing a virtualization platform is not difficult at all. Installing such an online environment to meet your requirements as well as carry out maintenance, is a different story altogether. Therefore we will gladly share our virtualization expertise with you. From advice to installation and configuration, we would love to help you along. Here are examples of the platforms we can install for you: VMWare, HyperV, KVM and RHEV.


Would you like advice or solutions from professionals to help you along? We will gladly discuss the solutions for you. Fill in our contact form and we will contact you for an appointment. Would you like us to phone you? Please give us also your telephone number.