Consultancy to meet your needs

The dictionary on consultancy: offering professional advice to companies. It means much more to us, though. We assume you have come to us for our expertise and our solutions. We would like to hear what your organization requires, in order to meet your needs.


Are you looking for online solutions in the Cloud? Would you like advice on computer systems or do you require website security? Whatever your ICT challenge, with our wide range of services and our 10-year ICT experience we will always find the solution for you.

You may find our services on this webpage. Feel free to contact us and give us your challenge!

Cloud Software Services

Why would you purchase software when there are excellent solutions available in the Cloud? These SaaS, as they are called, are software services providing the same facilities as regular software. Examples: Google Apps For Business and Office 365. Are you interested in the Cloud software services for your firm? Contact us for advice.

Computer Systems

Have you ever been at your wits’ end because your computer system wasn’t operating the way it should? Many firms depend on their computer systems and the slightest hiccup can cause lots of trouble and these, in turn, cost lots of money. Whereas we know this is unnecessary. Would you like more information on reliable computer systems? We will gladly advise you on your made-to-measure computer system and can also install this for you.


Probably the last thing you need is your website being hacked. It won’t if you leave it to our security systems. We follow the latest guidelines and can give you good advice on optimum website and system security. In addition we can test your security system, and make and implement an improvement plan for you. Is your website capable of withstanding external threats? Contact us and leave your security to us, so you won't have to think about it all the time.

Sparring Partner to Share your Thoughts with

Does this sound familiar? For some time now, you have been struggling with problems concerning your computer system, website security or software because you don't have the sufficient knowledge on the matter. Wouldn’t it be nice if an experienced and expert professional could give you some unbiased advice? Regard us as your sparring partner to share your thoughts with and to give you a second opinion. In the end, every problem has a solution.


Would you like advice or solutions from professionals to help you along? We will gladly discuss the solutions for you. Fill in our contact form and we will contact you for an appointment. Would you like us to phone you? Please give us also your telephone number.